Vortex Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller
The Vortex Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller has two power outlets, one for the Intake Fan and one for the Exhaust Fan. Each of the two power outlets can control fans up to a maximum power of 320 watts....
Vortex Floor Fan 3 Speed 16inch
This oscillating Vortex Pedestal Fan is reliable and quiet. The base of this fan provides a solid, sturdy support. It has an adjustable head with a finger safe mesh grill. It has three-speed settings and the height of the fan...
Vortex Carbon Filter 315cm - 3250m3/h
Most cylindrical-type air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused. Vortex PROfilter’s innovative patented design allows reversal of the filter, benefitting of 100% of the...
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