Proper ventilation is an important concern for indoor gardeners. Contained spaces such as indoor gardens. grow tents, and hydroponic gardens can all suffer from the stagnant air. Fans are used to encourage air circulation, ensuring the plants are receiving fresh...
Extractor Fans (Various Sizes)
a great budget inline mixed fan with 2-speed settings.
from €56,99
ALUMMINUM DUCTING (various sizes)
Flexible aluminum ducting can be used to direct the air from cooling systems or to vent the heat from HID systems. Because it is flexible, ducting can be bent and shaped to accommodate a range of needs. It can also...
from €19,99
Bull Filter
from €49,99
Bull Filter
Stop using recycled coal! Use the virgin coal from Australia BULL FILTER ! 100% absorbs all smells! The best charcoal filter market Can Phreshfilter filters and finally found a competitor to the task. Try it and love it! Can filters, Phreshfilter, Prima Klima filter, hate Bullfilter for its outstanding performance, Bullfilter virgin...
from €49,99
Bloom & Grow Carbon Filters
Bloom & Grow Carbon Filters in various sizes, great quality products.
from €44,99
Combi ducting
from €27,99
Combi ducting
Supplied in standard 10 & 5 metre lengths, compressed to either 0.4-0.6metre. Diameter available from 4″ ~12″ ( 100mm ~ 300mm). Individually boxed. Low costs on transport and logistic. Easy to install over either round or oval ducting.
from €27,99
The 5m temperature probe connects into the 6.5a Smart controller unit letting you temperature control your fan from the tiny little unit. Needed to use the 6.5a Smart Fan Controller 5m Length Not a replacement probe for the twin controllers/Hybrids
SMS Fan Controller 6.5A
Take control over the air output in your grow room.  The excellent SMS Fan controller allows you to manually set the speed of the fan to optimise the level of airflow.  This will not only provide a better environment for...
Advanced Star Wall Fan Ef 422
The Advanced Star Wall Fan is a wall fan that can be controlled remotely using a remote control. It will prevent mold caused by too much room humidity in your growing room , in addition ,to properly ventilating your plants....
A stylish, height-adjustable pedestal fan with 3-speed settings, oscillating head, and tilt control. Ideal for home and work, it is quiet yet powerful and offers flexible height and directional adjustment for focused coverage. The steel mesh guard is easy to...
Isomax Silent Fan
from €280,00
Isomax Silent Fan
Isomax duct fans run extremely quietly. The 6-inch and 8-inch versions also feature a 3-speed controller, allowing you to vary airflow without the purchase of a separate unit.   Isomax (Air Force 2) duct fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of...
from €280,00
Vortex Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller
The Vortex Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller has two power outlets, one for the Intake Fan and one for the Exhaust Fan. Each of the two power outlets can control fans up to a maximum power of 320 watts....
The GAS digital EC fan controller provides the ultimate control over Systemair EC fans.This controller not only thermostatically controls your intake and exhaust fans, but reacts intelligently to changes in temperature. The Reactive Temperature Technology ‘RTT’ actively monitors and adjusts fan speed....
Vortex Floor Fan 3 Speed 16inch
This oscillating Vortex Pedestal Fan is reliable and quiet. The base of this fan provides a solid, sturdy support. It has an adjustable head with a finger safe mesh grill. It has three-speed settings and the height of the fan...
Phresh Filter 315cm
Air flow per hour: 3100m3 Size of connection to the fan: 315mm Height of the carbon filter: 315cm Weight: 35kg Why Phresh filter? Half the weight! Lasts twice as long, minimum 2 years.
Vortex Carbon Filter 315cm - 3250m3/h
Most cylindrical-type air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused. Vortex PROfilter’s innovative patented design allows reversal of the filter, benefitting of 100% of the...
Rhino fan speed controllers 4A/8A
The Rhino Fan Controller is a convenient and simple way to quietly control fan speeds in your grow room in order to manage temperature and maintain negative pressure. The RC-1 controller isn't silent, but it can still reliably control both...
from €325,99
Isobox Silent Fans
from €200,00
Isobox Silent Fans
Isobox/Extractor silent fan range. The Isobox extractor fan is by far the most powerful extractor and quietest in the market today. Perfect for grow room.
from €200,00
Winflex TTU Extraction Fans (various sizes)
Equipped with a thermostat and a variable speed drive to regulate the temperature perfectly within your space culture. Generally, this type of climate control is very expensive ... WINFLEX makes them accessible to all! Remote thermostat probe 3 meters long.
from €134,99
Winflex Axil Fan (various sizes)
Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces. Exhaust or supply ventilation depending on the fan mounting type in the system. Designed for PVC ducting systems or flexible ducts. Low to medium air flow motion...
from €22,99
Acoustic Ducting
from €44,99
Acoustic Ducting
Triple layered with insulation in the middle, this is the perfect ducting where noise is an issue.
from €44,99
Floor Fan pff 200
30 wat floor fan
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