Buddhas Tree - PK 9-18
Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is a very highly concentrated PK booster that is designed to supplement any base nutrient and generate up 40% extra yield! Because Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is so concentrated it represents excellent value-for-money. Buddhas Tree PK...
from €20,00
Solar Green Power - Buddhas Tree
Contains: Your choice of size of Solar Green Power – Silica Additive Buddhas Tree - Solar Green Power Works: Solar Green Power contains the most available form of silica - a natural substance found in abundance all over the world...
Buddhas Tree - Advanced Meta Boost
Following on from their fantastic success with PK 9-18, Buddhas Tree have introduced Advanced Meta-Boost which actively boosts your plants metabolism leading to bigger and more fragrant blooms! Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is designed to be used during the flowering/fruiting...
from €19,99
Buddhas Tree - Flower Burst
Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been formulated to give plants the nutrients they need for a smooth transition between the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage. Used alongside your base nutrient, Flower Burst encourages the development of flower clusters...
from €19,99
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