Proper ventilation is an important concern for indoor gardeners. Contained spaces such as indoor gardens. grow tents, and hydroponic gardens can all suffer from the stagnant air. Fans are used to encourage air circulation, ensuring the plants are receiving fresh...
Extractor Fans (Various Sizes)
a great budget inline mixed fan with 2-speed settings.
from €56,99
The Boost Buddy is a safe, organic way to add Co2 to your smaller indoor growing environment (4×4 or smaller) and is usable during all stages of growth from vegetative to fruiting. “The Boost Buddy” is constantly producing Co2 and...
ALUMMINUM DUCTING (various sizes)
Flexible aluminum ducting can be used to direct the air from cooling systems or to vent the heat from HID systems. Because it is flexible, ducting can be bent and shaped to accommodate a range of needs. It can also...
from €19,99
Bloom & Grow Carbon Filters
Bloom & Grow Carbon Filters in various sizes, great quality products.
from €44,99
Combi ducting
from €27,99
Combi ducting
Supplied in standard 10 & 5 metre lengths, compressed to either 0.4-0.6metre. Diameter available from 4″ ~12″ ( 100mm ~ 300mm). Individually boxed. Low costs on transport and logistic. Easy to install over either round or oval ducting.
from €27,99
SMS Fan Controller 6.5A
Take control over the air output in your grow room.  The excellent SMS Fan controller allows you to manually set the speed of the fan to optimise the level of airflow.  This will not only provide a better environment for...
The ONA Gel is our most popular product. We spent many years developing a blend of ONA Liquid and various suspension elements to result in a product that has excellent dispersion qualities. The ONA odour neutralizing agents are released in...
Advanced Star Wall Fan Ef 422
The Advanced Star Wall Fan is a wall fan that can be controlled remotely using a remote control. It will prevent mold caused by too much room humidity in your growing room , in addition ,to properly ventilating your plants....
A stylish, height-adjustable pedestal fan with 3-speed settings, oscillating head, and tilt control. Ideal for home and work, it is quiet yet powerful and offers flexible height and directional adjustment for focused coverage. The steel mesh guard is easy to...
The mist + 4000 UltraMist is an ultrasonic humidifier with a 4L capacity. It is equipped with anti-bacterial filters.
Carbon dioxide is one of the most essential plant nutrients, which in addition to water, is the second raw material for photosynthesis. Greenhouses, grow rooms and grow tents in particular are susceptible to a lack of Co2 due to an...
Vortex Floor Fan 3 Speed 16inch
This oscillating Vortex Pedestal Fan is reliable and quiet. The base of this fan provides a solid, sturdy support. It has an adjustable head with a finger safe mesh grill. It has three-speed settings and the height of the fan...
Airbutler Frank Ioniser
AIRBUTLER ® Frank ioniser eliminates dust, odours and bacteria and promotes a general feeling of well-being. The application area is wide: all kind of rooms of daily living, vehicles, offices, waiting rooms up to 30 m². For an optimal function the...
Rhino fan speed controllers 4A/8A
The Rhino Fan Controller is a convenient and simple way to quietly control fan speeds in your grow room in order to manage temperature and maintain negative pressure. The RC-1 controller isn't silent, but it can still reliably control both...
from €325,99
SMS Controllers
from €355,99
SMS Controllers
The only fan controller that guarantees no buzzing or humming from any type of extractor fan – Includes night-time humidity function
from €355,99
All-alloy non-corrosive construction. 2ft Long, Aluminium Heater. Cheap to run, highly efficient 60 Watts output. 1m (3ft) of 3183Y Cable & 5 amp Plug included. 2 Mounting Brackets for wall or floor mounting included. Great for small areas such as...
Electric heaters for hot air supply. The terminal box are made of galvanized steel and the heating elements are stainless steel .
from €74,99
Electronic aquarium heater with thermoregulation. Combines unique accuracy of thermal regulation with a modern shape. It is equipped with an innovative way of programming as well as a system
This heater has an easy temperature setting and has an accuracy of +1 C It comes with an On/Off indicator light and is very easy and simple to maintain. This heater is compatible with BIO series filters. Additional Information Barcode...
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