ONA gel 732g
The ONA Gel can be used repeatedly anywhere. Simply place it where odors need to be easily and discreetly neutralized, for example in smoking rooms, kitchens, close to the trash can, cars or bathrooms. After removing the lid, the ONA...
The ONA Gel is our most popular product. We spent many years developing a blend of ONA Liquid and various suspension elements to result in a product that has excellent dispersion qualities. The ONA odour neutralizing agents are released in...
ONA gel 400g
Discover ONA gel, the ideal odor neutralizer for your indoor growing. This diffuser offers a pleasant smell for 4 to 6 weeks. It takes over all other odors present in indoor growing.
The ONA Breeze provides odour neutralization to a room up to 1,500 square feet (15,000 cubic feet) or 166 square meters (500 cubic meters). This period will vary based on the ambient temperature and the humidity levels of the room....
The ONA Mist Dispenser controls odours in areas where the odour source is constant or repeated Redesigned and now features added controls - set it for the night, day, or 24 hours The ONA Mist Dispenser has three programmable spray...
ONA 20 litre Bucket (various tastes)
Hydroponic Applications – For Peace of Mind ONA has built its reputation as being an effective odour neutralizer for the hydroponics and gardening industry. Indoor gardening can result in strong and undesirable odours that can create problems for the growers....
ONA Block 170g
The ONA Block is ideal for small areas such as closets, foyers, attics, cars, gym bags, boats, kitchens, garbage cans, cupboards or vents. Simply remove the cap, or punch several small holes in the cap and place in desired location.--The...
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