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from €0,99
Integra Boost 62 Humidity Packs
INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patented technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62% in a contained environment.  Maintain optimum humidity level to prevent: Dry and crispy plants Harsh and unpleasant smoke  Mold from forming  PRESERVE AROMA Does not alter the smell of...
from €2,00
Easy Snips are a premium grade plant trimming scissor, designed to allow you to trim you plant with ease. Produced using high grade stainless steel with soft rubber grips for your comfort and razor sharp blades. These premium quality plant...
Specifications: 1.Package: paper box - leather - Single installation 2.Magnification:60x-100x(adjustable) 3.The field of view: 4.4mm 4. Working distance: 24.3mm 5. Over length: 82mm 6. Numerical aperture: 0.1 7.System focal distance: -6.25 8. Ambient temperature: -4 ~ 122f 9. Measuring range:...
Wack one of these in your curing jar or Zip-Zag Brand Smellproof Bag and you’ll create the ideal conditions needed to bring the very best out of your herbs. They’re low-cost items that are simple-to-use, but can vastly improve the quality of...
from €2,00
Measuring Jugs (many sizes)
Our measuring jugs are top of the range and come in 4 sizes.
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Hydrofarm Mini Clippers provide fingertip control for small, intricate cuttings and are made with stainless steel blades to hold a sharp edge, longer! Convenient pocket size.
Timers are important to ensuring your automatic garden systems run consistently and on schedule. Many garden processes, such as lights or watering systems, should be kept to a regular schedule in order in optimize plant health and growth. Timers can...
1 litre Measuring Jug with pouring lip and handle. The pink measuring jug shows measurements in grams on one side and ml on the other. The litre measurements of the jug are split to measure 50 and 100 litre increments....
Heavy duty mylar – ultra silver for maximum reflection of light and heavy duty to reduce the chance of rips and creases occurring to the sheeting. 120mu thick. Use to help reflect thermal heat, reducing energy costs, increasing growth and yield...
from €35,00
Pocket microscope, 30X power, suitable to working for engineers, tool-maker, quality inspector, field researcher, collector and hobbyist. Useful educational aid for students on field visits. Single be packed in one OPP bag, color box.
Sterile disposable scalpels, sealed individually in trays and boxed in units of 10, are fitted with the following blades: 6, 9, 10, 10A, 11, E/11, 11P, 12, 12D, 14, 15, 15A, 15C, 15T, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 22A,...
ONA gel 732g
The ONA Gel can be used repeatedly anywhere. Simply place it where odors need to be easily and discreetly neutralized, for example in smoking rooms, kitchens, close to the trash can, cars or bathrooms. After removing the lid, the ONA...
Green LED Head light
Compatible with any plug-in lights Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Timer is ideal for use as either an automated energy-saving device or as a basic security device. Featuring 48 settings, this handy 24 Hour Timer allows you to program the device...
Hailea Ceramic Air Stones
These quality air stones are ideal for Hydroponic nutrient tanks, aquariums or general applications. 4 or 6 Inch diameter airstone will fit into any nutrient tank Porous stone creates many small bubbles Mixes and oxygenates your nutrient solution Oxygenated nutrient...
from €6,99
Tight Vac 3.8L
There’s nothing worse than starting to make a sandwich, only to find that someone left the bread bag open and now you’ve got croutons. You need a food storage solution! Keep your bread and baked goods fresh with the the...
Don't leave home without your Coffeevac! Makes a great Wedding gift, Christmas gift, or Birthday present. Patented Vacuum seal Technology - Air Tight and Super Water Resistant! Sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal. Keeps...
Cylindrical box to retain vacuum air , your fertilizer or additives packaged in powder form or meme your culinary ingredients (spices , herbs , coffee ...) .
Aquaking High Pressure Sump Pumps
The Aquaking range of heavy-duty sump pumps will move over 3600 litres of water per hour through an outlet adapter that can easily be connected to various sizes of piping, making it the perfect option for those looking to move...
from €80,00
Cargo Dry Plus
This product is easily one of the best innovations to enter the hydroponics industry, control humidity issues in late flower and in the drying phase!Now it’s totally achievable without running expensive power draining items like de-humidifiers! Cargo DryPak is specially...
Winflex Heat Regulator Thermostat
Control your grow area to the nearest degree using this digital Thermostat brand Winflex. Usable to control the temperature of your ventilation, air-conditioning or heating. Heating Mode automatic and/or flow control of cooling.--Read quick and easy with its built in...
Trimzilla Leaf Trimmers
The Trimzilla Warrior Cut automates the process of trimming, making life easier by tackling large quantities of material quickly and effectively. Just drop your plant matter into the chamber and the open the hatch up when it looks ready. The finished goods will...
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