Zero Tolerance - Herbal Pesticide by Ed Rosenthal
In the agricultural industry, the use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides is commonplace. Unfortunately, these substances are often unpleasant chemicals. If you consume your produce in any way then you probably don't want to be using those chemicals on your plants. Zero Tolerance...
from €23,99
Hy-Catch Insect Glue Trap
The Yellow sticky traps are your alarm system that detects harmful insects. All kinds of insects such as spider mites, white fly, fruit fly, flying aphids, leaf miner fly, the fungus gnats are attracted by the yellow color of the...
Silver Bullet Mist Spray 1L
Overview For a sterile & disease-free grow room, nothing beats Silver Bullet. It's THE disinfectant to use. Silver ions: break down protective (catylase) barriers & keep H2O2 molecules stable! Hydrogen peroxide: physically destroys bacteria Effective: 100,000x more effective than hydrogen peroxide Kills 99% Of Bacteria, Fungus, Mould...
Plant Vitality Killermite 250ml
Kills spidermite Nukes eggs and larvae Heavily concentrated
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