The SUPER MH 1000W by SUPERPLANT Metal halide releasing 100.000 lumens. A unique spectrum for a MH of 5000K 100% PAR
from €19,99
Calitek Double Ended 1000w MH
Check out the new MH bulb of Calitek !A lamp horticultural MH high luminous efficiency for the growth of plants. Bulbs MH Double Ended has two ends, the current is either side of the bulb to converge toward the center. The bulb...
Powerplant Super veg MH 1000w
Powerplant 1000w super veg MH lamp gives 10% more light than standard MH lamps, Designed to operate on 1000 watt control gear systems in universal positions. With added blue in the spectral output for vigorous vegetative growth, these lamps are...
Lumatek 1000w mh
Most powerful MH light by Lumatek, fantastic results from our customers make this light a must buy. New from Lumatek, these Metal Halide grow lamps are perfect for the vegging / growing stage of your plants life
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