Timers are important to ensuring your automatic garden systems run consistently and on schedule. Many garden processes, such as lights or watering systems, should be kept to a regular schedule in order in optimize plant health and growth. Timers can...
24hr timer
24hr timer
Compatible with any plug-in lights Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Timer is ideal for use as either an automated energy-saving device or as a basic security device. Featuring 48 settings, this handy 24 Hour Timer allows you to program the device...
Widow 4 Way Timer & Relay Contactor
Widow Timer and Relay Contactor are made from premium components to ensure powerful management of all HID lighting. The Widow Timers are one of the best grow room light contractors available featuring a built-in timer. Widow Professional Contactors are available...
Green Power Contactors
Safely control the day and night settings of 2 to 28 HID hydroponic grow lights with UK built Green Power lighting controllers. Up to 28 lights can be controlled from 1 GreenPower Lighting Contactor. These robust contactors control the ‘on’...
from €162,99
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