Winflex Heat Regulator Thermostat
Control your grow area to the nearest degree using this digital Thermostat brand Winflex. Usable to control the temperature of your ventilation, air-conditioning or heating. Heating Mode automatic and/or flow control of cooling.--Read quick and easy with its built in...
Trimzilla Leaf Trimmers
The Trimzilla Warrior Cut automates the process of trimming, making life easier by tackling large quantities of material quickly and effectively. Just drop your plant matter into the chamber and the open the hatch up when it looks ready. The finished goods will...
Electro trimmer
If you have ever harvested more than 2-3 or more of a fruiting or flowering plant then you know how tedious and labour intesive it can be. This 3 speed table trimmer cuts time by up to 80%.
Built to the highest standards, as always, this unit will save you hours of hand trimming. Literally turns hours of work into a job that will take a matter of minutes. The new design incorporates a clear lid so you...
Cylindrical box to retain vacuum air, your fertilizer or additives packaged in powder form or meme your culinary ingredients (spices, herbs, coffee ...).
Size (external dimensions): 19x21 Inch Thickness: 125µm Colour: Silver Opening: On the smaller side Suitability: This medium-sized bag is suitable for smaller quantities of food, for instance it can contain up to 6.0 kg of wheat or corn.
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